About Me is my Traditional Artwork, Sculpting, Upcycling, Painting, Graffiti side.

I have been drawing, painting, making and spraying stuff since I was a kid (just a bigger kid now) and It's a massive part of my life!!

I am into many kinds of art from Tattoos to Graffiti to Japanese Irezumi to Steampunk and Wastelander type stuff.

I also work in many mediums - usually Acrylic Paint, Spray, Pencils, Markers along with sculpting using Air Drying Clay (DASCLAY) and Polymer Clay (SUPERSCULPEY), Wood Working & Metal Working.

I also collect loads of junk and strip things down to reuse, rework and find new purposes for things many people throw away.

I love to upcycle and see potential in stuff that seems otherwise useless.

Steampunk, Post Apocalyptic & CyberPunk Style Artwork are very well suited to this JUNK to FUNK method ;-)


Psionic Games is my Design, Game Development, Digital 2D/3D Artwork and Music side.
I have been creating Games, Art and Digital Design for over 20 years now as well as Music and Sound FX.

I have personally created over 30 games from start to finish for many of the big Flash Game Portals like Armor Games, Addicting Games, Kongregate, Newgrounds, Bubblebox, Crazy Monkey etc and loved every minute of it.

I have also created many 2D/3D Digital Artworks, Designs, Characters etc for other projects along with many YouTube Tutorials (some with over a million hits - woohoo)

I also work on more serious design stuff using InDesign, Affinity Photo/Designer/Publisher, Blender 3D and do a lot of Illustration work for Technical Manuals and Diagrams.